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The Guardians


Edgar’s Dedication: Nurturing Mangroves, Family, and Dreams

In the heart of Cartagena, Colombia, an inspiring story unfolds – the story of Edgar Enrique Hoyos Garcia, a devoted guardian of the mangroves. At 47 years old, Edgar’s journey is one of determination, balancing his role as a husband, father, and the Executive Director of a remarkable mangrove restoration project.

Edgar’s commitment to the mangroves is deeply rooted in his love for nature and his community. A pioneer in the project, he imparts the knowledge he’s acquired over time to nurture the mangroves back to life. At home, Edgar’s family forms the cornerstone of his strength. His wife, daughter, and son are his pillars of support. Balancing his responsibilities is no easy feat – Edgar supports his family by working as an independent motorbike taxi driver, dedicating mornings to mangrove care and afternoons and evenings to his other job. His determination to find a space for the project, even in the face of financial challenges, showcases his unwavering commitment.


Juanita’s Journey: Championing Mangroves, Family, and a Better Future

Step into the world of Juanita Florez Mejia, a 37-year-old guardian of Cartagena’s mangroves. Her story is a remarkable blend of dedication, resilience, and a fierce love for her city and its natural beauty.

Juanita’s involvement in mangrove restoration was ignited by her concern for Cartagena’s environmental challenges – pollution, littering, and a disregard for the delicate balance of nature. She met Rafa and Edgar through the Social Group Foundation, was captivated by their passion for mangroves and there began her journey to become an unwavering guardian.